Esoterica (EP)
Amanda Schoofs
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The EP “Esoterica” was recorded by Amanda Schoofs in an empty underground water reservoir in the Swiss Alps on August 24, 2014. “Memento Mori” is her compositional response to the exquisite momento mori that prevade the gothic Cathedral Salem in Germany. An esoteric memory of the mystic reverence and ascetic brutality of those who once lived there. Designed as a modular vocal solo to be sung in lusciously resonant spaces, Memento Mori was composed in Castle Salem’s vibrant Kaisersaal, Bibliotheque, and stairwells. 

“Black Trumpets” is an improvisation by Jonas Lindberg and Amanda Schoofs. It features Linberg’s unique hand-made music boxes permeating the sonorous reservoir and sustaining Schoofs’ lilting vocalise. In many ways the reservoir acts as a third performer, diffusing their sound and sporadically augmenting their music with small drops of water falling against the stone.  

All works were created during Salem2Salem International Artist Residency at Schloss Salem, Germany. The 2014 residency was supported by Salem Art Works and Kulturamt BodenseeKreis. We would like to thank Alain Wozniak, Denise Richards, Dr. Stefan Feucht, and the 2014 Salem2Salem residents for their support of this project. – Sound | Antisound

Released June 8, 2015