Black Snake Root

A partita for voice and electronics, Black Snake Root (2019), is an evening-length composition that embodies melody and counterpoint while utilizing radical twenty-first century technology. The human voice is only heard while filtered through innovative live-electronic processing; the electronics are only heard while multiplied by a parallel vocal presence. The sonic tapestry of Black Snake Root, interwoven and interdependent, transverses boundaries of genre and identity, while embracing popular culture sonic aesthetics.

Black Snake Root
Prelude: Deep Shade
I. Black Snake Root
Interlude: White Stargrass
II. Pale Blue Throat
Interlude: Hemlock Shade
III. Hysteria
Interlude: Butterfly Weed
IV. Candle of Fae
Interlude: Sweet Violet
V. Bloom

Composed and Performed by Amanda Schoofs and Kevin Schlei
World premiere videography by Cristina Ossers
Black Snake Root, II. Pale Blue Throat
Composed and performed by Amanda Schoofs and Kevin Schlei
Black Snake Root, Interlude: Hemlock Shade 
Composed and Performed by Amanda Schoofs and Kevin Schlei
Animation by Paul Mitchell

Amanda Schoofs and Kevin Schlei premiering Black Snake Root at The Jan Serr Studio on Sensoria: Experiments in Sound and Performance. Videographer Cristina Ossers is also pictured.

photo credit: Paul Mitchell