“A one-of-a-kind reflection on motherhood and female identity.”

– Brendan Fox, Urban Milwaukee
My opera Eternal Burning produced by Milwaukee Opera Theatre as part of their show Utterance: Ancient Prophecies, Modern Revelations

“A singularly unique musical, kinetic, theatrical and spiritual experience . . . as beautiful and fascinating as it is startling and mystifying. . . Schoofs’ Eternal Burning is composed of bursts of musical poetry that explore, “the identity altering  phenomenon of pregnancy and birth.” 

– Gwendolyn Rice, Criticism

“One of those rare trips to the raw, primordial essence of life that engages on a level well beyond logic and linear thought . . . A strangely elegant alchemy of movement and ritual. . . There’s a grand depth of abstract meaning at the heart of it all that transcends any sort of constructed meaning, reaching right into the heart of raw human instinct. “

– Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage
Eternal Burning as part of Utterance: Ancient Prophecies, Modern Revelations