Studies in Space

Tate Bunker, Director and Director of Photography
Kara Mulrooney, Production Design
Amanda Schoofs and Seth Warren-Crow, Music and Sound Design

Studies in Space is a film exploring authentic movement, dance, light, and space. Shot in ultra slow motion, the experimental narrative reveals what our human perception does not see as we experience the world around us. Music, foley, and sound design for the film, composed for voice, antique pianolin, and percussion, was collaboratively created by Seth Warren-Crow and Amanda Schoofs. Featured in the film, Amanda’s vocalise is performed while she is elevated in the air and wearing a twenty-foot long red dress.

Studies in Space premiered at Milwaukee Film Festival in 2012, and has been presented throughout North America. It has won major awards at several festivals including: Best Experimental Film at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival; Best Short Film at the Beloit Film Festival; and Best Experimental Film at California International Film Festival in Hollywood, CA.

Stills of Amanda Schoofs performing her original music in Studies in Space

Amanda Schoofs on set in Milwaukee for Studies in Space

Studies in Space (A Tate Bunker Film); premiere at Milwaukee Film Festival
Studies in Space world premiere at Milwaukee Film Festival (2012)